Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain Coats

My mom is here and like any good grandmother she came bearing gifts. Technically the gifts were already here, no sense mailing them to Alaska just to pack them back down, we just had to wait for AG to get here before opening them. As she does every spring my mom got the boys rain coats and boots. Actually only Jonathan got boots because it's hard to find rain boots in a size 3 for Jason. So here are the boys all decked out in their rain gear.

Jason in his bear rain coat from Hatley. For those who don't know we chose bears as the theme for his nursery so the coat goes with the theme.

And Jonathan in his moose rain coat and rain boots also from Hatley. His nursery/bedroom theme is moose so he has lots of moose gear.

Now we just need it to stop doing this...

so the boys can wear their cute new gear!

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Erin J said...

"Now we just need it to stop doing this..."

Couldn't agree more!!!!