Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind

My mom left yesterday after two full weeks here. We had a great time and I can't wait until she is here again in May. But for now its back to the daily grind. School starts again on Monday and I have a small project due Tuesday that I haven't started yet. I also found out the other day that I have to resubmit a paper for one of my classes because the teacher didn't like what I submitted. I'm super bummed about that because I thought I did a really good job. Oh well at least I get to resubmit rather than being stuck with a bad grade.

I have a really bad case of summeritis. I can't say senioritis because I'm not a senior yet but summeritis definitely fits the bill. I can't wait to sit on my deck, watch the boys play, and drink lemonade. I don't want to have to do homework everynight and read bunches of text books. I want to read a book for pleasure and not spend my day running all over the place for school. Ok I'm done whining, time to man up and finish out the semester.

I'll schedule some posts about my mom's trip with pictues for later this week. For now, to get y'all through, here's a picture of my cutie pie baby boy.


wholarmor said...

Glad that your mom was able to come and hang out with you! God bless your final months of the school year!

Amanda said...

That kid just gets cuter and cuter!