Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yellow Belt

In January Jonathan started Tae Kwon Do. There is a school here that provides after school martial arts classes. So instead of going to daycare or someplace else after school Jonathan would go to Tae Kwon Do every day. He has an hour long lesson and then they work on homework or play until parents come to pick them up. It's a fantastic program! If you're in Fairbanks you should check out Orion's Belt School of Self Defense.

Jonathan has excelled at Tae Kwon Do. Its been wonderful for him to have such a positive outlet for his boundless energy. In addition to self defense skills they also teach life skills. We have seen a dramatic improvement in him behavior wise since starting Tae Kwon Do. In February, about a month after starting lessons, he earned his first belt promotion, white belt to yellow stripe. In mid October he tested again and was promoted from yellow stripe to yellow belt. We are all so proud of him!
Looking all serious for the group photo after the test. The serious expression and his stance makes him look so grown up, sniff.
Super duper proud of his accomplishment.

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