Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ice Day Decorating

Rain in December, unheard of you say?

It wasn’t on this December day.

No school in the morn,

A tree to adorn.

Let’s have some fun

While we get the job done

And enjoy an ice day

A very nice way.

Ok so I may not have a career in poetry but we sure did have a fun Sunday and Monday. There isn’t much that causes school to be cancelled in Alaska but freezing rain and icy roads is one of those things. Sunday evening we got the call that there would be no school on Monday due to poor and deteriorating road conditions. Sunday’s we usually have family dinner at my parent’s house and this Sunday was no different except that we had come prepared to spend the night. It had drizzled off and on all day and drizzle plus frozen ground is a recipe for poor road conditions.

Once we got the call that schools would be closed on Monday bedtime went out the window and we set about decorating my parent’s Christmas tree. Every year we each get a new decoration to put on my parent’s Christmas tree. It’s always an ornament that has some special meaning to the person who receives it. This year was no different.

Jonathan received a moose in a cocoa cup from Lenox. Before Jonathan was born we chose a moose theme for his room. He has moose galore. Stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, shirts, sweatshirts, books and pictures, you name it he’s got it. Cocoa is a big thing in our family. None of us, except my dad, are coffee drinkers but we all LOVE cocoa.

Jason got a little bear holding a cup of cocoa from Lenox. Jason’s bedroom theme was bears and for every moose item Jonathan has Jason has a bear item. And like I said we LOVE our cocoa! These were the two most perfect decorations for my boys.

Dan got an Oregon decoration. The old White Stag sign is an iconic Portland landmark. It’s right along I84 and you drive into downtown. Dan saw this sign every morning on his way to school and it’s something that really reminds him of Portland. While we were in Oregon this summer I found a decoration that depicted the White Stag sign and knew it was the perfect decoration for mom to give him. He was thrilled with it and the meaning behind the decoration.

I got a moose holding a teddy bear riding on a sled from Lenox. There is a story about me and moose which you can find here.

After we opened our decorations Mom took pictures of me and the kids hanging ours on the tree. Not sure how we missed Dan but we did. Sorry Babe! We still love you I promise!

This was like the third time we took this picture. Mom was trying to get the lighting just right. Clearly my smile wasn’t holding up through all the retakes!

Jonathan hanging up his moose. His expression is so serious.

Jason was having some difficulties hanging his decoration on his own so I gave him a hand.

At some point in the evening mom snapped this pic of the boys and me. I think it’s pretty darn cute.

We spend much of the afternoon on our "snow day" decorating the tree and now the job is done. Mom said this is probably the earliest we've ever finished the tree. We always have it up Thanksgiving weekend but decorating it can take several weekends. It's nice to have it done because now we have more time to enjoy!

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