Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Model

Jason is growing. All of his pants give the appearance that he may be preparing for a flood sometime soon. So this weekend when we finally put our Christmas decorations away, the next box of clothing was pulled from the shed. Now it sits in our living room waiting to be sorted through. Last night I looked through the container and found an adorable cream, corduroy blazer. Of course I just had to try it on Jason right then just to see how cute it looks.
Never mind he's wearing pajamas, models are trendsetters after all. I bet you'll be wearing jackets with your pajamas soon. No? Yeah me either. Jason however looks adorable and from the pose he's striking and the look on his face I'm fairly certain he knows exactly how cute he is!


Lisa said...

He needs to be in fashion week in Paris. It would be the newest trend for sure!

Kristin said...

where's all this red hair coming from??? He's so cute :)

wholarmor said...

Cute! Looks like a little man in that picture!