Monday, February 8, 2010


Sweetly Slumbering Second Son
Blissfully Bedded Big Bro
So precious.

So comfortable.

So peaceful.


Kristen said...

I take it that they like Thomas the Tank Engine huh. My brother was BIG into him when he was little. I think it's so much fun when these different children characters stick around through many generations.

Except for Barney. I wouldn't mind it if he fizzled out completely. He's annoying!

Those are some handsome sleeping boys you have.

wholarmor said...

Aw. Sleeping boys are so sweet!

Kristen said...

The way I have been selling my hats has been accepting payment through Paypal. I make them according to the clients specifications and then mail them out. That simple.

I really do need to get a website designated to my hats so people can see examples and prices per style.

I will jump on that as soon as I get over this terrible head cold I'm fighting. My head feels like it's in a fog right now.

But if you want me to email you some pictures or if you have a picture of hat something that you have in mind, email it to me and I can tell you if I'm able to make it.