Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jason Fit

For my birthday my dad bought me a Wii Fit. Actually my dad sent me some money and I used it to purchase a Wii Fit. What loving father, or self-respecting man for that matter, would buy a woman in his life a Wii Fit for her birthday?

I usually exercise while the boys are taking their afternoon naps. The other day Jason woke up before I'd had a chance to put everything away. I left him alone long enough to get a cup of water and when I turned around this is how I found him.
I love his expression in this picture. The Wii was on and he was moving the cursor around and making my Mii freak out. He thought it was hysterical. When I tried to put everything away he was ticked with me. I turned off the TV and he was perfectly happy sitting on the balance board investigating the remote. So there he sat for quite a while until he lost interest. As soon as he moved on I put it away.


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Too cute! That little guy is such a smarty!!

Lisa said...

A baby after my own heart. We should have a Wii playdate sometime! :)

Speaking of the Wii....I'm off to play some games before bed :)