Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend was the Annual In-House Tournament for St. Jude's. This was the first year Jonathan was able to participate. Last year the tournament was at the end of his first week of Tae Kwon Do and there was just no way he was ready to participate. This year he was super excited to be able to raise money and participate in the tournament.

The tournament was divided by gender and age group. Each participant had the opportunity to participate in three skill areas; board breaking, pattern, and sparring. Since Jonathan is a yellow belt, white belts don't spar, he was able to participate in all three areas.
Breaking his board.

For the tournament they used practice boards but he has broken actual boards. For some reason he was very timid today, probably nerves, and had trouble breaking boards but he did well enough to tie for 3rd place.

Doing his pattern.

Jonathan had been practicing his pattern at home quite a bit and was very confident that he was prepared. His practice and confidence paid off with a 1st place finish.


There were only two yellow belt boys who were participating in the sparring portion of the tournament so Jonathan was guaranteed at least 2nd place. Both boys started out a little timid but once encouraged to go for it Jonathan went for it and came away with another 1st place finish.
Jonathan and his three metals.

I'm so proud of him. He set a goal to do his best and try to metal in all three categories and he met his goal. He was super proud of himself too.

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