Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1st of all let me apologize for the lack of posts over the Thanksgiving weekend. We went to my in-laws for the weekend. I knew my access would be limited so I uploaded several posts worth of pictures figuring I would at least have time to get on and write the text for the posts. Turns out I was wrong, I had no access all weekend.

This summer Jonathan made several outings to the pool or water park. He really enjoyed being in the water and splashing around but was scared to do much more than splash around. We decided that it was time for him to take some swimming lessons. So every Saturday this fall Jonathan has gone swimming. He has loved taking swimming lessons and we will be continuing them in the spring.

He has learned to put his ears in the water and dunk his head, which has made bath time MUCH easier. He also learned to float on his back with some help from his teacher and hold on to a floating bar and kick. I think his favorite thing he learned to do was blow bubbles in the water.
Here he is floating on his back. His teacher said by the end of the session of lessons she wasn't even holding onto him. He thought he was but she wasn't. I'm really excited that he is gaining confidence in the water.

Jumping in!

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April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Way to go! I love having my girls in swim lessons. They are both much more skilled swimmers than I am now! I love watching the confidence grow!