Monday, December 7, 2009


Last Christmas Dan received a gift certificate to our local bowling lanes as a gift from a student. The certificate expired one year from the date of issue. I figured we'd have no problem going bowling sometime during the year. Well apparently I was wrong because the expiration date was coming up and we hadn't gone yet. So Dan asked one of his students to babysit and we went out bowling.

Dan and I don't get out very often just the two of us. If we do go out we usually go to dinner and then come home. It was so much fun to actually go out and do something together.

Getting ready to bowl. I hadn't bowled in so long that my arm was getting tired after the 1st game. But I was having too much fun to quit!
My handsome husband. I forget how much fun it is to just hang out together when we rarely get to do so!
Awesome fried zucchini! That is probably my favorite appetizer ever. If its on the menu you can bet I'm getting it!
Pouting after a very bad shot. I did ok. Beat Dan one game but I really just bowl for fun.
Dan was pretty frustrated with how badly he was doing. He's usually a pretty good bowler but I think it had just been too long since he'd bowled. He still had fun though.After 2 hours of bowling we were tired and ready to head home. It was a fun night and a good reminder of why its fun to get out with my husband. I definitely want to do it again sooner rather than later!


Michelle Ann said...

You should see if they have the rack that you put the ball on for a little one to push the ball down the alley, and go as a family. I think both of your boys would love to go bowling too. Just a thought. I had never seen one of those until I moved to New Hampshire, but then had a friends daughter out here in Washington that told me she had used it to go bowling. Glad you and Dan had a wonderful night out just the two of you.

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Hubby time is the best!! Glad you made it a night for you two.

Erin J said...

I love to get out with my hubby! We could trade babysitting so we can each do it more often?