Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What we've been up to

So it's been a few days (or maybe a few months) since I've blogged so y'all are a little behind on what is going on in the Brough Family Life. I think I shall do a full update in bullet point form.
  • I started my student teaching in September. I have to do a full year of student teaching and I am fortunate enough that the teacher I'm with this fall wanted me for the full year so I don't have to get a new placement for the spring. I'm in the 6th grade at Russell Elementary School in Moscow, Idaho and I could not be happier. I've got a great team that I get to work with every day and I'm learning a lot from them. I also have a great group of students. I also got to go to the McCall Outdoor Science School for a week in October. That was an experience! One week basically on 24 hours a day, lots of hiking, and a few embarrassing moments. It was beautiful there and I would totally do it again!
  • Dan started his 4th year of teaching at Pullman Christian School. This year they changed the format of the school so his home room class is now 6th-8th grade instead of 7th-8th as it was for the last two year. He's also still teaching Algebra I and computer class. He also had the opportunity to coach soccer this year. He loved coaching and the relationship that it builds with the students, and he learned a little about soccer too. I loved watching the team play and was sad when the season ended, although very glad to have my husband back! They finished 5th in league for the regular season.
  • Jason is now almost 19 months old. He is a wonderfully sweet little boy. His vocabulary has really taken off recently and he is always saying new words or phrases. His latest is "lunch box". He is full of joy and always makes us smile and laugh. He is showing some hints at the "terrible twos" but hopefully that's far as it goes. Hey, I can dream right!
  • Jonathan is in preschool and continues to blow us away with all that he knows. He loves to learn. He is full of energy and definitely keeps us on our toes. He loves books and can read some sight words but isn't "reading" yet. He as already shown hints of his daddy's gifting with numbers and rhythms.
As of right now that's all I can think of right now so I'll end this with a recent picture of our two boys. I think this picture pretty well captures the boys personalities, Jonathan hamming it up for the camera and Jason too busy and on the go to be bothered with taking a picture.


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Busy busy busy!

wholarmor said...

Glad to hear the update! Your boys have grown so much since I've seen them last! We'll be probably seeing you guys soon since we're moving back to Pullman at the end of the month. Glad to hear that you get to stay for your student teaching!

Lisa said...

I can see why you didn't have time to post anything :) You've been a teensy bit busy!

Your boys are so handsome. Love the red hair.