Monday, August 24, 2009

A Budding Artist

Before I post about our trip, which I promise is coming, I have something more recent to share.

Pullman is home to the National Lentil Festival. Every August, on the same weekend our town is flooded with returning college students, there is a street carnival, a cook off, and a parade all dedicated to the lentil. As part of the festivities there is a coloring contest. Apparently while Jonathan was doing summer camp with Pullman Parks and Recreation he colored the entry picture and his camp teacher sent it in to the lentil festival. I knew nothing of this contest entry so I was very surprised to receive a call on Thursday informing me that Jonathan was a finalist and we needed to be at the stage on Saturday to receive his certificate. I was so proud of him! Jonathan was super excited to get a certificate. He ended up getting 3rd and we are so proud. We were even able to get his winning picture to take home with us. It was such a positive experience for him and the memories will last forever. Needles to say I will treasure this picture and his certificate forever. And now I present our artist with his masterpiece.


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

That is so neat!
Especially it being a surprise!

wholarmor said...

Congrats, Jonathan!